Sunday Services

We hold two Sunday Services, at 9:00 and 11:00 AM, unless otherwise noted. The 11:00 AM is also available virtually

February Ministry Theme: Love

February 26: “Love Notes.”

We may think of love as residing in our hearts, but it is found in many forms through all of our five senses of sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. This all-congregation service will explore how we give and receive love through time—from children to elders and everyone in between.

Coordinator(s): Sheila Foran and Elizabeth Thomas

March Ministry Theme: Vulnerability

March 5:  “Investing in Our Future. “

This morning we launch our 2023 Annual Appeal with the theme of  “investing in our future. “ Rev. Josh will offer thoughts on our current financial challenges and how your generous financial pledge to UUS:E will make a wonderful difference in the life of our congregation.

Coordinator(s): Rev. Josh Pawelek

March 12:  “What is Vulnerability? “

Exactly what is vulnerability? Is being vulnerable a weakness or a strength? What are the risks involved? Today we will address these questions.

Musicians: Sandy Johnson and Dan Thompson

Coordinator(s): Anne Vogel and David Klotz

March 19:  “On Vulnerability. “

Our ministry theme for March is vulnerability. Rev. Josh muses on the spiritual dimensions of vulnerability. How can vulnerability become a spiritual asset?

Coordinator(s): Rev. Josh Pawelek

March 26:  “Asking for Help. “

All Congregation Service. This morning we continue exploring the theme of vulnerability with a special focus on asking for help. In preparation for this service, think about a time when you had to ask for help? Did you ask? How did it turn out for you?

Coordinator(s): Rev. Josh Pawelek and Gina Campellone

April Ministry Theme: Resistance

April 2:  “How Do You Resist. “

There are so many ways to stand up against racism, bigotry, and oppression. From writing poetry, blogs, or letters to the editor, to protesting, to volunteering, to the arts, and beyond. The ways in which we can make our voices heard are seemingly endless. Hear Rhona Cohen, Molly Rourke, and Sandra Gustafson share their reflections on how they rise up and speak out for justice.

Coordinator(s): Alan Ayers and Sandy Karosi

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