Sunday Services

Important: As of March 6, 2022, we are returning to two Sunday morning services at 9:00 am and 11:00 am until further notice. During March we welcome 60 people to join us in the sanctuary at both services. Our Mask mandate and all other usual pandemic protocols remain in place.

MayMinistry Theme: Nurturing Beauty

May 1: “Not Yet Redeemed: Responding to an Open Letter.”

This morning Rev. Josh offers a response to a 2020 “Open Letter to My Fellow White Christians,” by the New York Times contributing opinion writer, Margaret Renki. This service was purchased at the 2021 UUS:E Goods and Services auction by Stan and Sue McMillen.

Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

May 8: “Flower Communion.”

Join us in-person or online for our annual observance of the Unitarian Universalist Flower Communion. Through story and song, we celebrate the beauty of our individuality, and the strength and warmth of our community. Bring flowers to share. Also, all are welcome to submit photos of yourself with a flower for our flower communion slideshow. Send pics to [email protected] by Sunday, May 1.

Coordinators: Gina Campellone and Rev. Josh Pawelek

May 15: “Hózhó: The Way of Beauty.”

Is beauty a basic need? Can appreciation of beauty and exploring creativity bring us better health, relationships, self-understanding, and spiritual growth? Join us to explore these questions and others, including the Diné (Navajo) concept of Hózhó. All who attend are invited to bring an object, picture, idea, or other creation that you find beautiful to share after service..

Coordinators: Marsha Howland, Nancy Madar, and Stacey Musulin

May 22: One Service Only, at 10:00 AM

“Affirmation: A Coming-of-Age Celebration.”

UUS:E’s Affirmation program provides a modern Rite of Passage experience that welcomes and affirms youth as they embark on their journey towards young adulthood. This morning we affirm our coming-of-age youth as they share their credo statements with the congregation. This is always one of our most rewarding, thought-provoking services.

Coordinator: Gina Campellone

May 29: “We Remember.”

On this last Sunday in May, we consider the various meanings of Memorial Day and share readings, memories, insights, and music. Friends and relatives lost in military action will be honored, as well as others we remember. Alan Ayers will sing a Civil War song, and there will be time for quiet reflection.

Coordinators: Sande Hartdagen, Sandy Karosi, and Martha Larson

June 5: “Pride, Youth-Style!”

The UUS:E Youth Group and Rev. Josh offer a Sunday service in celebration of Pride Month. With role-playing, reflection, and music, we share our experiences of living in a world that is at once open to GLBTQ people, and yet still painfully intolerant.

Coordinators: UUS:E Youth Group and Rev. Josh Pawelek

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