Sunday Services

We hold two Sunday Services, at 9:00 and 11:00 AM. The 11:00 AM is also available virtually

December Ministry Theme: Wonder

December 4: “Wonder: Igniting Scientific and Spiritual Curiosity.”

Do you take time to wonder? Alan Ayers will reflect on how wonder and curiosity have been a lifelong spark for his pursuit of what makes things tick. As we wonder along with him we will ask the questions: Can wonder and curiosity also be an avenue for deepening our spiritual growth? If we take the time to focus on the miraculous and puzzling, how might we deepen our connection with wonder and awe.

Coordinator(s): Alan Ayers and Sande Hartdagen

December 11: “The Darkness Invites Wonder.”

Rev. Josh returns to one of his favorite late Autumn themes: finding comfort and respite in the darkness. When all the days are cold and the landscape barren and quiet, what wonderings come to us?

Coordinator(s): Rev. Josh Pawelek

Tuesday, December 13, 7:30 PM: Seasonal Vespers

Join us for an evening of quiet contemplation, reflection and sharing. It’s easy to feel out of synch or overwhelmed during the holiday season as it is not a time of busy joy for all of us. This service will acknowledge a wider range of experience including exhaustion, grief, sadness and loneliness. There will be opportunities to share as people are willing. Join in person or by Zoom. This service is brought to you by the Sunday Services Committee.

Coordinator(s): Beth Hudson Hankins and Vivian Carlson

December 18: “The Wonder of It All.”

All-Congregational Worship. Join us for our annual Holiday Music Service, featuring our holiday choir! Through music and story, we ground ourselves in the wonder of the holiday season.

Coordinator(s): Mary Bopp, Gina Campellone and Rev. Josh Pawelek

Saturday, December 24, 7:00 PM: “Silent Night, Holy Night.”

All congregation Christmas Eve worship. On this sacred eve, we welcome the spirit and magic of Christmas. And we sing!

Coordinator(s): Mary Bopp, Gina Campellone, Rev. Josh Pawelek

Note: single service at 10:00 AM

December 25, 10:00 AM: “On This Day Everywhere!”

UUS:E celebrates Christmas morning. More stories! More music! More singing!

Coordinator(s): Rev. Josh Pawelek and Mary Bopp

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