Musical Events

Manchester Women's Sacred Singing CircleThursday Nights
from 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Musicians, Poets, Raconteurs
Coffeehouse/Open Mic is Happening in 2023!

First Saturdays, January through May

Come and join us for an evening of family-friendly music, poetry, and fun. First-time performers and seasoned old-timers can show off their talents to a warm and welcoming audience in a great-sounding room. Sign-ups go fast, so get there early if you want to perform.



  • Doors open at 6:00 PM for signups. There are 12 slots, 10 minutes each.
  • Bring your dinner, snacks, beverages and friends. We’ll make the coffee.
  • Performances start at 7:00 PM.
  • A voluntary 5$ donations go to the UUS:E general fund.

Music Salon Unplugged

Music Salon Unplugged!

Our Music Salon Unplugged events are coming back in person, with dates to be announced. Watch for details in the eBlast and Newsletter, or you can have your name put on our distribution list and receive notices directly.

Music Salon Unplugged is a performance space for musicians of all levels, from “Just learning”, to “Rusty but picking up my instrument again”, to advanced or professional. We mainly focus on unamplified instrumental music, but vocalists are welcome too. With an excellent sounding room, an attentive audience, and two Steinway pianos, you can perform solo, as a duet, and in even small groups. Of course it’s not just for piano music. Bring the instrument of your choice.

Bring your favorite beverage and relax. Come join us to perform or just to listen and enjoy the music!

If you would like to participate as a musician or listener, or if you simply want more information, contact Peggy Webbe at [email protected] or 860-871-8035. Or contact Mary Bopp at [email protected].

Concert Series

The UUS:E Music Committee is currently planning the 2023 concert series. Dates to be announced. Watch for details in the eBlast and Newsletter.

UUS:E Choir Rehearsals!

Choir rehearsals for Easter 2023 services are planned to start in February. Dates to be announced. Watch for details in the eBlast and Newsletter.