“What Shared Ministry Means to Me, Part II” — UUS:E Virtual Worship, May 28, 2023

Gathering Music (Mary Bopp)

Welcome, Announcements & Introduction to the Service (Vivian Carlson)



“We Journey Together” by Mary Bopp

Chalice Lighting 

Words by Rev. Julianne Lepp
of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

We seek our place in the world
and the answers to our hearts’ deep questions.
As we seek, may our hearts be open to unexpected answers.
May the light of our chalice remind us that this is a community of warmth,
of wisdom and welcoming of multiple truths. 

Opening Hymn

#298 “Wake Now My Senses”
Words: Thomas J. S. Mikelson
Music: Traditional Irish melody, harmony by Carlton R. Young
Led by Jeannine Westbrook

Wake now my senses and hear the earth call,
Feel the deep power of being in all,
Keep, with the web of creation your vow,
Giving, receiving as love shows us how.

Wake now my reason, reach out to the new,
Join with each pilgrim who quests for the true;
Honor the beauty and wisdom of time,
Suffer thy limit and praise the sublime.

Wake now compassion, give heed to the cry,
Voices of suffering fill the wide sky,
Take as your neighbor both stranger and friend,
Praying and striving their hardship to end. 


“Reverend” by Marsha Howland

Musical Response 

Introductions, Joys and Concerns 

In keeping with our congregation’s 2018 resolution to become a sanctuary congregation, our community outreach offering for May is dedicated to two important immigrants’ rights groups in Connecticut.

Hartford Deportation Defense say “we are an immigrant-led mutual aid collective that fights for the rights of all immigrants in the Hartford area, so that we can all have access to a dignified, peaceful, and joyful life.

Unidad Latina en Accion or ULA, was founded in New Haven in 2002, with the goal of building grassroots immigrant power across Connecticut to win economic and racial justice.

Offering Music

“Vincent” by Don McLean
Performed by Mary Bopp & Jeannine Westbrook

Reading (Vivian Carlson)

“All That We Share is Sacred”
by Andree Mol

As we gather together
May we remember
When you share with me what is most important to you,
That is where listening begins.
When I show you that I hear you,
When I say your life matters,
That is where compassion begins.
When I open the door to greet you,
That is where hospitality begins.
When I venture to bring you to shelter,
That is where love begins.
When I risk my comfort to ease your suffering,
When I act against hatred, violence, and injustice,
That is where courage begins.
When we experience the full presence of each other,
Because of our shared humanity,
Because of our differences,
That is where holy gratitude begins.
May this space be a table that is not complete until all are welcome.
May this table be a space of beauty where together we create a series of miracles,
And where all that we share is sacred.
May it be so.  

Reflection on Shared Ministry #1 (Nancy Madar)

“The UUS:E Model – How It Evolved”

Reflection on Shared Ministry #2 (Beth Hudson Hankins)

“Shared Ministry as Spiritual Practice”

Reflection on Shared Ministry #3 (Sheila Foran)

“Treasured in Equal Measure”

Closing Hymn 

#1020 Woyaya
Words and music: Loughty Amoa, Solomon Amarfio, Robert M. Bailey,
Roy Bedeau, Francis T. Osei, Whendell K. Richardson, and Mac Tontoh
Transcribed from Ysaye M. Barnwell; arr. Jeannie Gagne
Led by Jeannine Westbrook

We are going, heaven knows where we are going, but we know within.
And we will get there, heaven knows how we will get there, but we know we will.
It will be hard we know, and the road will be muddy and rough,
But we’ll get there, heaven knows how we’ll get there, but we know we will. 

Wo-ya-ya, Wo-ya-ya, Wo-ya-ya, Wo-ya-ya

We are going, heaven knows where we are going, but we know within.
And we will get there, heaven knows how we will get there, but we know we will.

Wo-ya-ya, Wo-ya-ya, Wo-ya-ya, Wo-ya-ya
Wo-ya-ya. yi-ya-ya Wo-ya-ya. Yi-ya-ya. Ya!

Closing Prayer (Vivian Carlson)

“Peace Bede”

In the world, let there be peace.
May we overcome hate with love.
Protect those who must fight for freedom.
Grant courage to all who face hate.
Guide our leaders through difficult choices.
May we stand for what is right and fair.
Keep us from destroying ourselves.
Strengthen those who grieve.
Remember the hurting children.
May we offer tender words.
May our hands be quick to help.
Be our shelter in times of fear.
Heal our land; heal our world.
Grant us tolerance, wisdom and compassion.
May we stand united upon this earth.

Extinguishing the Chalice

Closing Circle
May faith in the spirt of life
And hope for the community of Earth
And love of the light in each other
Be ours now, and in all the days to come.