Welcome and Introduction to “Reflecting Pool”

Reflecting Pool

Welcome to the UUS:E Reflecting Pool, a quiet place where members, friends, and children, are invited to send their personal observations, experience, concerns, thoughts, and meditations during these unsettled times.  We hope that it will be one more way to draw strength and inspiration from one another, to remain connected, and to learn what is on our minds and in our hearts.  There are just a few simple guidelines:

Contributions are personal statements, not words from others, analytical commentaries, or comments best posted on social media sites.

Each piece should be approximately 500 words or less, have a very short title, and include the author’s name, date of submission, and (optional) email address;

Contributions to Reflecting Pool invite direct contact between reader and writer, but not a string of public on-line dialogue;

Please send your contributions to [email protected] who will review for grammar and typos (but not content), prior to posting on Reflecting Pool.