We Can Make Face Masks #4 (For Crestfield)


UUS:E has successfully delivered 150 homemade face masks to Hartford Hospital (as well as to many UUS:E members and friends).  Thanks to everyone who has sewn masks. Thanks to Pamela Johnson who has been delivering the masks to Hartford Hospital. A nurse at HH recently wrote to Pamela: “This is such a great mask! I purchased another one locally after getting this from your church. It is not nearly as nice….I wanted to have one to wear and one to be in the wash! Please extend my fond thanks to your church.”

For the next few weeks, we are going to deliver homemade face masks to Crestfield Rehabilitation Center. Crestfield is just down the road from the UUS:E meeting house, about a 1/2 mile. UUS:E member Robina Rines lives there, as does Annie Gentile’s father. Mindful that there are diagnosed Covid-19 cases at Crestfield, the UUS:E Emergency Management Team has recommended that we  begin delivering masks for the Crestfield staff as a “good neighbor” gesture. (The EM Team is also arranging for UUS:E to deliver a pizza lunch for the Crestfield staff — if you’d like to contribute $$ to that effort, please contact the UUS:E office at 860-646-5151.)

If you are sewing masks and would like to contribute to our collection for Crestfield, please know you can drop them in the plastic bin outside the entrance to the UUS:E office at any time during the week.  Questions? Contact the UUS:E office at (860) 646-5151.

Thank you!!