We Can Make Face Masks #2

Last weekend a number of UUS:E members dropped off homemade face masks in the bin outside the entrance to the UUS:E office. On Monday, UUS:E member Pamela Johnson brought the face masks to Hartford Hospital where she works. She reported back:
They were HUGELY appreciated!!  There is already a shortage in some areas and they went like hot cakes.  I work next to the Covid 19 testing center and delivered them directly to the manager there…. These masks are soooooooooooo appreciated!  Please, if you have it in you, continue to make them.  I will continue to deliver as I have to work in the hospital about 1 day a week.  I’m trying to stay away but it’s a busy time for research. Thank you again so very much! — Pamela
(Pamela also sent along these photos of Hartford Hospital staff  wearing our donated face masks.)
If you are making face masks and you’d like to donate them to Hartford Hospital, please know you can drop them during the week in the bin outside the entrance to the UUS:E office.  They will be picked up at 3:00 on Sunday afternoons.
Furthermore, if you yourself are in need of a homemade face mask, some of the UUS:E sewers are willing to send one or two to you. Contact Rev. Josh at his home office (listed in the UUS:E Directory) and we can get a face mask to you!