Unitarian Universalist Society: East Hosts Tibetan Monks

Tibetan Monks Visit Unitarian Universalist Society: East

Tibetan Buddhist Monks from the Gaden Jangtse Monastery in South India Visit Friday, April 27 through Thursday, May 3, 2012.

The Unitarian Universalist Society East is pleased to announce the arrival of seven Tibetan Buddhist Monks from the Gaden Jangtse Monastery in South India to our Church for a six day visit beginning Friday April 27 through Thursday May 3, 2012. The Tsawa Monks are on a “peace tour” of the United States to raise awareness about Tibetan Buddhism and culture. The visit will include construction of a compassion mandala, art demonstrations, music demonstrations and food preparation. Tibetan medical assessments, divination meetings and individual meetings with the Geshe will also be available. More about their tour can be found here.

“The members and friends of UUS:E are honored to share our spiritual home with these monks. Unitarian Universalism places a high value on learning the practices and wisdom of different religious traditions. Hosting the monks for a week is consistent with that value. Their message of peace and compassion also resonates very deeply with the members of our community” said Rev. Josh Pawelek, UUS:E’s minister.

During their visit the monks will be building a unique one-of-a-kind sand mandala. The mandala, which is an intricate work of art made from colored sand crystals, is both a physical work of art and a deeply spiritual activity. This six day visit is a great opportunity, not only for the congregation but for any interested members of the greater Manchester community. All events, including Saturday’s viewing of work on the mandala, are open to the public. “A Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala is made directly from the monk’s interpretation of the teachings,” said Debra Cottis, UUS:E Youth Leader. “There are no other references used in its creation. That is why each one is an original work of art and it is a sight to behold for all.”

Don’t miss the inspiring opening and closing ceremonies.

Other events such as Dharma Talks and Chanting will take place throughout the week, along with traditional Tibetan medical consultations and divination sessions available by appointment. Tibetan arts and crafts will be on display and for sale. All proceeds go to benefit the monks’ monastery center in India which assists hundreds of refugees each year. All events are free with the exception of private Tibetan medical consultations and divinations which can be scheduled after April 27th at the church.

See the full schedule here.

Find a list of Tibetan medical consultations and divinations offerings here.