Vaccine Troubles?

As of the end of January, people aged 75 and older in Connecticut have joined healthcare workers and long-term care residents as being eligible to make appointments for vaccinations.  The listed ways to make appointments are
  • The Connecticut Vaccine Line on the phone is: (877) 918-2224.
  • Or click on the state of Connecticut’s official vaccine website.

Many people are running into challenges booking appointments.  There have been several recent news articles citing confusion and lengthy delays in calling for appointments.  The federal government had not set up a program for vaccinations before January 20.  No relevant records were  kept.  Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH, the newly appointed CDC director stated recently – 4 days after she was appointed – “I can’t tell you how much vaccine we have.”  The resulting lack of planning and guidance from the federal government meant that states needed toorganize their procedures separately from each other.  There is no consistency in planning from state to state.  Connecticut has set up its state plan without realistically anticipating the huge volume of people that need to be vaccinated.  There is a vast mismatch between the number of people eligible to receive the vaccine and the availability of doses.  At this moment, no plans exist to make the doses available closer to where they are needed. Eligible people, even when calling the single state access phone line or website listed above, have to pick from many vaccination sites to make their appointment.  People report long wait-times on the phone. And inconsistencies abound. One site may book an appointment weeks away, while another can book an n appointment just days away!  It will take time for things to become organized.

How many of us at UUS:E who are eligible to receive the vaccine are finding it challenging to do so?  If you have been stymied in your effort to receive the vaccine, there are UUS:E members who may be able to help. Contact our minister, the Rev. Josh Pawelek (860) 652-8961 (home office), (617) 645-1131 (cell) or [email protected].