UUS:E Needs Your “I LOVE” Photos and Videos

Dear UUS:E Members and Friends:
Our ministry theme for the month of February is beloved community, which will be the focus of our next All Congregation (multigenerational) worship service on February 14th. Conveniently, that also happens to be Valentine’s Day. Rev Josh and Gina would like to know who (or what) you love! We invite and encourage folks of all ages to cut a simple heart out of paper, write the words “I LOVE…” and finish the statement. Keep it brief and write neatly, using a black or bold colored marker. Then, have someone take a picture of you holding the heart. Make sure the message on the heart is visible in the photo. If you would prefer not to actually be in the photo — or if you live alone and don’t have someone to take your picture — you can instead just take a picture of the heart itself. (If you choose that option, you might want to sign your name under the message so people will know who wrote it.)
If you would rather record yourself reading your “I LOVE . . . ” statement, that would be cool, too. Videos are welcome!
We will use the photos and videos to create a slideshow to be shown during the worship service on Feb 14th. And we really do mean it when we say folks of all ages. We are a multigenerational congregation, so we hope to hear from all the generations — kids, elders, and everyone in between!
Please submit photos to Gina or Rev. Josh by Feb. 8th.
Gina and Josh
P.S. Need some suggestions? Your heart might say I love my mom, or I love my pet rats, or I love singing in the choir, or  I love poetry. It’s as easy as that! Just tell us what you love!

Gina Campellone (she/her/hers)

Director of Religious Education
Unitarian Universalist Society: East
153 Vernon Street West
Manchester, CT 06042