UUS:E Launches Feasibility Study for Capital Campaign

UUS:E in late summerDear UUS:E Members and Friends:

Many of you will remember that at our annual meeting last May, the congregation voted to conduct a capital campaign feasibility study.

The purpose of a capital campaign at this time is to pay off a portion of the principal on our mortgage and thereby reduce the amount of our annual debt payment. Paying off $200,000 of our mortgage principal would enable us to reduce our annual debt payment by approximately $15,000. If we can reduce our annual debt payment by $15,000, we can finally stop drawing on our limited reserves to balance our budget. If we can reduce our annual debt payment by more than $15,000, we can start expanding our programming to meet our strategic goals and further build our beloved spiritual community.

The purpose of the feasibility study is to help us determine whether a successful campaign is likely. It’s time to conduct the feasibility study. If you would like to volunteer to participate in the UUSE Sanctuaryfeasibility study, please contact Stacey Wyatt, the project coordinator, at [email protected]. Other members and friends will be asked directly to participate in order to ensure a diverse sample from the congregation. Once names have been gathered, a final group of UUS:E members and friends will be asked to participate in a brief, 30 minute interview. Interviews will take place on Saturdays, October 17th and 24th at UUS:E. If you are contacted, please respond with your availability as soon as you can. If you have questions about the study, feel free to contact Stacey Wyatt or me at [email protected]



Alan Ayers, UUS:E President