UUS:E 2022-2023 Slate of Officers and Leaders

UUS:E 2022-2023 Slate of Officers

Vice President: Anne Carr

Treasurer: Jerry Myers

Clerk of the Policy Board: Jean Mamonas (second term)

Personnel Committee Chair: David Luchetti

Member-at-Large [One-Year Term]: Laurel Hennebury

Member-at-Large [Two-Year Term]: Peg Darrah (second term)

Member-at-Large [Two-Year Term]: Ellen Williams

Communications and Technology Chair: OPEN

Building and Grounds Committee Chair: Lynn Dove

Social Justice and Anti-Oppression Co-chair: Maureen Flannigan

Membership Committee Chair: Sylvia Ounpuu (second term)

Sunday Services Co-chair: Sandy Karosi

Stewardship Committee Chair: OPEN

Adult RE Committee Chair: OPEN

Program Council Clerk: Nancy Thompson (second term)

NLDC: Beth Hudson-Hankins (third term)

NLDC: Stan McMillen (fifth term)

NLDC: Kristal Kallenberg

NLDC:Sid Soderholm

NLDC: Kate Kimmerle (third term)

NLDC: Gail Crook

Completing their terms or stepping down

Randy Kurker-Stewart as Treasurer

Pat Eaton-Robb as Communications and Technology Committee Chair

Vivian Carlson as Personnel Committee Chair

Kevin Holian-Borgnis as Vice President

Ellen Williams – Member-at-Large (moving from one-year term to two-year term)

David Luchetti – Member-at-Large (moving to Personnel Chair)

Azucena Minaya Llantoy as Social Justice / Anti-Oppression Committee Chair

Martha Larson as Sunday Services Chair

Lynn Dove as Adult RE Chair and member of NLDC (moving to Building and Grounds Chair)

Cressy Goodwin, NLDC

Deb Gould as Building and Grounds Chair

Leaders Continuing their Terms

Peggy Webbe as President

Carrie Kocher as Chari of Denominational Affairs

Dorothy Bognar as Chair of the Music Committee

Jim Adams as Co-chair of the Social Justice / Anti-Oppression Committee

Desiree Holian-Borgnis as Chair of the Religious Education Committee

Marsha Howland as Co-chair of the Sunday Services Committee

Sheila Foran as Co-chair of the Membership Committee

Mary Lawrence as Chair of the Sustainable Living Committee

Rhona Cohen as Member of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee