Welcome to the UUS:E Library of Things (LoT) 

This is where Unitarian Universalist Society: East members and friends can borrow from each other instead of each buying a seldom-used item or tool. We hope this will foster community and reduce consumption, resource depletion, and pollution.

We are developing this library, and so you may see things change and are welcome to send feedback or suggestions to Paul at mailto:[email protected].  We have tentatively added a tab on the items list for items to give away.

If you prefer to ensure that only someone with access to a UUS:E Members and Friends Directory can contact or identify you, please use the following as your identity: your first name, the first letter of your last name, and last 2 digits of your preferred phone number to call. For example, John Smith with preferred phone 860-647-6652 would be listed as John_S_52.

If you are okay with people knowing your email, you can include it in the email column. If you are comfortable editing a Google Sheet, you may click on the Items List link below. If you are not comfortable editing the Google Sheet, or run into trouble, please contact Paul at mailto:[email protected].

Items List (view or edit)

IMPORTANT: Borrowers, please use the Google Form below to waive liability. The forms are stored at the [email protected] Google Drive.

Liability Waiver

Looking for something not on the list? Contact Paul at mailto:[email protected] and he will forward to everyone in the group that agreed to receive emails.