Welcome to the UUS:E Library of Things (LoT) 

This is where Unitarian Universalist Society: East members and friends can borrow from each other instead of each buying a seldom-used item or tool. We hope this will foster community and reduce consumption, resource depletion, and pollution.

IMPORTANT: Borrowers/lenders must have access to a current UUS:E directory.  Given the public nature of this website, lenders and borrowers will only be listed by the first name, the first letter of their last name, and last 2 digits of the preferred phone number to call. For example, John Smith with preferred phone 860-647-6652 would be listed as John_S_52.

Want to join the group of lenders? List your offerings here.

Want to see the list of LoT items available to borrow? Click here.

IMPORTANT: Borrower must print and sign forms listed below and give them to the lender.

  • LoT User Agreement Form: to be printed and signed by the borrower.
  • LoT Reminder Forms: to be printed by the borrower and exchanged with the lender.
  • LoT Liability Waiver: to be printed and signed by the borrower and given to the lender.
  • LoT Reviews List: comments about borrowers/lenders.
    To add comments or reviews of borrowers or lenders, please send them to John_S_37.