Hope for the Earth Pledges

Break up with JPMorgan Chase Bank
Solar panels
Eat less cow and pig products
Abstain from air conditioning
While I practice many Earth friendly actions, I need to use my voice more with more activism.
Cold showers
Use less paper 🙂
Limit plastic and disposables
Stop using paper towels
A long-term plant based diet
Double the size of our pollinator beds
I plan to replace my old gas hot water heater with an electric hybrid heat pump water heater dash as soon as the new 120 volt model is available.
Plant another tree in my yard. Learn to grow vegetables
Reduce use of paper towels, napkins and other paper products.
Solar installation. Consume local eggs. Composting. Train my family to turn lights out and take shorter showers.
Change out traditional light bulbs for LED. Grow own vegetables. Take short showers. Drive less.
I will limit use of plastic bags and get a metal water bottle.
Action: to upcycle things I have at home that I no longer use so they can once again be used. To find new uses for things and lessen my purchases of new items.
Use less air conditioning in my car.
Reduce plastics by using Earth breeze laundry sheets. Compost food waste and dryer lint.
Become active in environmental groups in our new home area.
Cut out use of plastic with zero waste products. (See Earth wellness goods for ideas.)
Shop locally and support local farms.
Run errands by bike!
Reduce use of plastic ware possible!
Limit plastic and disposables.
Buy an electric car.
Bike to work more.
Use less electricity.
Air dry clothes.
Live travel and vacation more sustainably and with lower carbon footprint.
See if any condos have installed solar panels for their community and raise it to my board if feasible.
Donate to eco-friendly organizations.
Don’t buy products in containers that can’t be recycled.
Organically grow vegetables in a backyard garden.
Plant more flowers to attract more bees and butterflies. Research best way to dispose of dog waste.
Shut off lights, take action.
Use towels for washing floors (versus swiffers )
Have an energy audit
Eat vegan meats at least twice a week. Cut back on bought materials (clothes, etc)
Limit plastics and disposables.
Use fewer paper towels. Explore solar power.
We will buy more food in bulk to reduce packaging waste.
I pledge to advocate for a reduction in single-use plastics in my community.
I will plant more native flowers in the garden for the butterflies.
Reduce / cut out consumption of meat.
Barter goods and services.
Drive efficiently with our new electric car.
I support legislative action on behalf of the environment.
Use rags for washing windows. Drive my hybrid car as little as possible.
Increase awareness of membership in the Manchester Land Conservation Trust.
Eat local and grow more food.
Compost! Make it happen.
Buy from local farm stands. Shop local!
Moving toward a vegan lifestyle. Investigate compost services. Turn off TV when not in use – not just pause it.
Use only bamboo toothbrushes and without charcoal and with only baking soda.
Buy a Subaru Solterra all electric utility vehicle. Mulch grass clippings at my office and let the grass grow taller. No fertilizer on yard.
Become more active with contacting my Representatives.
Carbon offset my flights.
Check to see if my condos can have solar panels. Bring to condo board.
Advocate for Repair Cafe in Manchester.