Recycle, Reuse and Compost

at Unitarian Universalist Society: East

Bring your used ink-jet cartridges and old cell phones
to Unitarian Universalist Society: East.

They will not be trashed, will be prop­erly recycled, and the money we receive will go into the UUS:E general operating fund. The collection box will be in the vestibule most Sundays, especially coffee sales days. The box will be kept in the Recy­cling Room when not in the vestibule.  Please insert the cartridge in a plastic bag so the ink doesn’t leak out.

Unitarian Universalist Society: East CompostsNew Compost Binn

Take a walk down to our new compost bins. Built from cedar trees removed during our rebuilding project, the three bin structure will yield rich compost for the children’s organic garden and drought resistant landscape plantings.  The compost  fed by coffee grounds and other organic materials from the kitchen, as well as  leaves, weeds and clippings. We are enriching our environment while reducing waste in our landfills.