Strategic Plan Central

This page will store information and help with regards to Unitarian Univeralist Society: East’s Strategic Plan for 2011-2016.

Special note: This page is not indexed for search engines nor is it clearly visible to the public; the only way to get here is to have the link.


Presentation of Strategic Plan to UUS:E

Click below to watch the slides for the presentation as given to the congregation at our annual meeting on 8 January 2012. The rightmost button on the slideshow toolbar (with the four arrows) will expand the presentation to full screen so that it’s easier to read.


UUSE 2012 Strategic Plan 2012 01-08 (Approved) = Click here for a copy of the strategic plan document as approved by the congregation on 8 January 2012.


Strategic Plan Milestone Spreadsheets


2011UUSEStratgicPlanMilestones-1-Rev1  = Click this link to download a spreadsheet that contains all Strategic Plan Milestones, sorted by Focal Point area (e.g. Growth, Congregational Support Network, etc.)

2011UUSEStratgicPlanMilestones-2-Rev1 = Click this link to download a spreadsheet that contains all Strategic Plan Milestones, sorted by Milestone Owner. (e.g. Policy Board, Program Council, etc.)



Using Seework to Assist with Implementing the Strategic Plan

Click below to watch a presentation as given by the Seework Team to the Strategic Plan Implementation Team on 12 June 2012. This slideshow talks about how to use Seework to assist milestone owners with implementing the strategic plan.




Seework Benefits for Strategic Plan Milestone Owners


1. Longevity: The Knowledge Stays Put in One Place

Having conversations and saving information and files about your milestone(s) on Seework means that they are stored permanently. When we’re in 2016 and we want to find out what was happening in 2012, we can look to Seework and find it.

 2. Turnover: New Leaders means New Milestone Owners

Using Seework to work on your milestone will save you time: when you’re ready to turn the milestone over to the next milestone owner, everything will be stored on Seework for their review.

3. Email Convenience

Some milestone owners are going to be working with quite a few people. Nobody wants to remember that many email addresses. But you can email your entire milestone team in one click when you use Seework.

 4. To Do Lists, Made Easier

Getting a milestone done means, in most cases, multiple people who need to get multiple tasks done. How are you going to keep track of everybody and when their tasks are due? Seework offers to do lists where you can enter tasks, assign owners and due dates. You can even send reminders and have email discussions about to do list tasks. Seework makes getting things done easier on you.

 5. Working Together from Home

There will be times when you want to collaborate with your milestone team but nobody wants another meeting. With Seework you have two alternate options. First, you can have online discussions via email where every can answer on their own time. Second, you can have real-time discussions where everyone logs onto Seework at the same time and you can talk to each other via Seework’s text-based chat feature. [Milestone teams that want to have real time phone, video and text chat are encouraged to use to set up a free teleconference that can be recorded upon demand.]

 6. Writing Together

As milestone owners, sometimes you’ll need to write documents together. Sometimes it is too inconvenient to email a document back and forth for editing, especially when a lot of people are involved. Why not use Seework’s “Writeboard” function, where you can start a document and people can log onto to add their pieces to it? Seework keeps track of all of versions of everyone’s edits, too, so that you can see before and after.