Stop and Shop and Support UUS:E

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Do you buy groceries?  Do you shop at Stop & Shop?  If the answer to both questions is “yes”, or even “sometimes”, you can help UUS:E raise money without costing yourself a dime. 

Here’s how it works.  Stop & Shop will sell UUS:E gift cards at a 5% discount, which we will sell to you at face value.  Five Percent may not sound like much, but if 50 of us bought a $100 grocery card this week ($5000) UUSE would realize $250! Over a year at that rate — $13,000! 

 The cards can be used for anything you purchase at Stop & Shop except lottery tickets and gift cards.  We hope to sell them on two Sundays a month, after services.  Starting in June, bring cash or a check for what you expect to spend on groceries at Stop & Shop over the next two weeks or more, and we’ll give you a card to use for your purchases.  Simple?  Yes.  Helpful?  Very. 

Watch for more details as we roll out this program in June!