Spiritually Assisting at the Moment of Death

Clear Light Society

Sunday, March 25, 1-2 PM

On Sunday, March 25, 1-2 PM, Clear Light Society will present “Spiritually Assisting at the Moment of Death.” In this free, one-hour demonstration, Clear Light director of training Melissa Lewis, RN BSN, will:

  • Offer simple, effective techniques that foster a deep and meaningful connection with loved ones;
  • Introduce the Clear Light Meditation for the Dying (recognized as a terma, or mind treasure, by the Venerable Trungpa Rinpoche); and
  • Speak to the preparation of conscious awareness for the “dawning of the Great Light” at the moment of death.

Perfectly suited for the UU community, these practices are personalized to an individual’s own beliefs and traditions. With interest from the community, Melissa will offer a four-part training at Unitarian Universalist Society: East for those who want to gain further understanding and facility in the practices.