Special Art Exhibition/Performance

Carry On: Baggage

by Sandra Gustafson

Friday Evening, August 12, 5:30 to 9:30
UUS:E sanctuary

Carry-On: Baggage is an exploration of how personal and intergenerational memory combine to form unique identities. Through the construction and deconstruction of a freestanding, transient mural, artist (and UUS:E member) Sandra Gustafson highlights the duality of trauma. “We are restricted by the very legacies that define us,” says Ms. Gustafson, and “sacred communities arise from suffering. Carry-On: Baggage asks audiences to consider which parts of our experiences are worth holding on to, and what happens when we challenge our value structures.”

UUS:E members and friends are invited to attend Carry on: Baggage at any time on the evening of August 12, for any duration during the performance-process. Audience members are welcome to film or photograph and are encouraged to share their experience of the work with others, including on social media. Note: Ms. Gustafson will not be able to interact with audience members during the performance, but she welcomes the opportunity to share more about the work with anyone interested at another time. For further conversation, contact her via her website www.SzandraNone.com.

Carry-On: Baggage was created with the generous financial support of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation.