SERRV Catalogues for Holiday Shopping – Available Sundays

Contact: Nancy Parker at [email protected]

Villagers in many countries make beautiful items that their neighbors at home can’t afford. When we buy them here in the US we are supporting the artisans, and acquiring beautifully made items at reasonable prices. The amount that we make from the 20% discount on orders over $300 plus the 10% that is added to each order, goes to UUS:E. It’s a win-win-win proposition!

We’ll have catalogs after each service beginning Sunday, November  16. Thirty people (we hope!) will take them home for a week, and bring them back the following Sunday, with or without orders. On subsequent Sundays, more shoppers can take them home. Nancy will process the orders each week and send them in. When the items arrive, they’ll be delivered to you at church.
Take a catalog, look through it, and order whatever appeals to you. Enjoy!
Items may also be viewed here.