September Green Tip

Plastic Caps RecyclingRecycle Bottle Caps

For years we were told to remove the plastic caps from bottles before placing in the single-stream recycling bin. Many of us were therefore, in lieu of trashing them, collecting the caps and taking them to the Aveda store at Westfarms. (Aveda was recycling caps into bottles for their hair and skin care products, but they recently discontinued the practice.)

So we called the Town of Manchester recycling desk and got new information. They no longer ask us to remove the caps! There are pros and cons to this, which we won’t elaborate upon here, but the bottom line is that it’s okay to leave the screw-on caps on the plastic bottles. The bales (all plastic gets baled at the collection center) are sent to various recyclers, some of whom will recycle the caps, some who won’t. The best thing for us to do is leave the cap screwed on and then puncture the bottle. Puncturing means it can easily be compressed and the cap will most likely be recycled too. Also, additional material – bottles plus caps – means more money for the town.

Loose caps should not be put in the recycling as they will be trashed anyway.

Remember, this is from the Town of Manchester, so if you live in another town, better check with them.

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