September Green Tip

The Sustainable Living Committee is intrigued with the ideas presented by Doug Pease at the Sunday service on August 12. Climate change has been proven beyond a doubt, and we must come up with creative ways to mitigate the greenhouse gases.  In addition to all the things you are surely doing already – eating a plant-based diet, buying organic, buying locally-grown produce, driving less, using less electricity, etc. etc. – let’s take a look at Doug’s idea. He searched for a charity that would supply solar to people in areas where the sun shines a lot but the people can’t afford to install.  He found a bona fide charity that does just that.  He located it via the “Skeptical Science” website.  They make solar cookers for Tibetans to offset wood use. So when you donate to them you are removing carbon from the atmosphere as surely as if you ditched your car!  Another charity Doug found is called “Mosaic Solar” which has a different approach but equally effective.  Doug will be giving us more information in upcoming newsletters, so think seriously about giving your chari­table donations to one of these groups that are taking real positive steps to reduce global warming.