“Sending Forth.” — UUS:E Virtual Worship, November 13, 2022

Gathering Music (Mary Bopp)





Chalice Lighting and Opening Words 

“Light the Candle”
by Jess Reynolds
spoken b Rev. Josh Pawelek

Opening Hymn

“Meditation on Breathing”
by Sarah Dan Jones
#1009 in Singing the Journey

When I breathe in, I breath in peace.
When I breathe out, I breathe out love


“Can You Believe?”
by the Rev. Sean Parker Dennison
spoken by Rev. Josh Pawelek

Musical Meditation

“Open My Heart”
by Henry S. Flurry
#1013 in Singing the Journey

Open my heart to all that I seek;
Let me be part of the Love You give.

Joys and Concerns

Musical Meditation (Mary Bopp)


Offering Music

“Praying for Time”
by George Michael
performance by Will Alexson

Sermon: “Sending Forth” (Rev. Josh Pawelek)

Closing Hymn

“Go Lifted Up”
by Mortimer Barron
#1057 in Singing the Journey

Go lifted up,
Love bless your way,
moonlight, starlight
guide your journey
into peace
and the brightness of day.

Extinguishing the Chalice

Closing Circle
May faith in the spirit of life
And hope for the community of earth
And love of the light in each other
Be ours now, and in all the days to come.