Program Schedule

Our Religious Education program follows a basic two-year rotating curricula schedule with lots of flexibility to accommodate each child and situation.

2013-14 Program Year Schedule (September through May).
Program begins September 8th.

Offered at 9:00 and 11 A.M.:World Peace with Children

PRE-K & KINDERGARTEN (4-5 year olds): Spirit Play; encourages engagement at the child’s developmental level and mode of learning.  By using stories from many traditions and “wonderings” about the lesson we hope to help the children to begin to “live into their own answers” to the big questions in life through the lens of Unitarian Universalist values and beliefs.

PRIMARY (grades 1 & 2), ELEMENTARY (grades 3 & 4);  INTERMEDIATE (grades 5 & 6): Our curricula for these age groups for 2013-14 are in the planning stages. Watch this space for further information.

Following are offered at 11:00 a.m. only:

JUNIOR HIGH (grades 7 & 8): Our Whole Lives – OWL; This Unitarian Universalist human sexuality curriculum is designed to help adolescents acquire accurate information, develop positive attitudes, and make healthy decisions about the role of sexuality in their own lives in the context of a safe and trust-building setting with a focus on Unitarian Universalist values. The advisors for this year-long program are trained by UUA. Commitment to regular attendance and parental permission are required. Parent meetings will be scheduled.

AFFIRMATION (grades 9 & up): This is our coming of age program for youth who are preparing to be welcomed into the adult congregation. With the support of their mentors, participants will develop their own credos.  Areas of study include: Unitarian Universalist heritage and theology, personal beliefs, worship, and social responsibility.  The program culminates in the spring with an Affirmation Ceremony.

Children’s Choir

September thru May, rehearsals at 10:15 a.m. between services.


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