Building Community for our Future

Singing Children

We partner with parents to support our children’s faith development.

Small Hand Bullet Grow with us.

Parents can learn about our philosophy, themes, and activities by participating in parent meetings, engaging in discussions with the Director of Religious Education (DRE) Gina Campellone, our Minister, Rev. Josh Pawelek,  RE Committee members, teachers, and other parents.

Small Hand Bullet Attend regularly.

Our children need to be present to gain a sense of belonging and experience the rich and varied programs crucial to their faith development.

Small Hand Bullet Come play with us.

The R.E. Committee encourages opportunities for families of all ages to gather at UUS:E and sponsors some specific  multigenerational events such as “Deck the Halls”, Family Game Night”, the Talent Show and RE brunches.

Small Hand Bullet Share your gifts.

Teachers, musicians, artists, naturalists … inspire our children with your passion and participate in the life of our RE program.

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