Spirit/Intention Doll Workshop

What is a Spirit or Intention Doll.Spirit Doll Earthe

It is a doll created with a specific intent in mind. Think of a quality that you want to bring into your life, then as you create the doll, the doll will hold that energy for you.

Do you want to bring more peace into your life, or get in touch with your inner wise woman/man? Do you want to honor a friend or ancestor, or honor the earth, moon or sea? Do you have a spirit guide?

We will create our doll from nature and from your life. A selection of twigs, fabric, and embellishments will be available, but feel free to bring twigs or branches from your favorite tree or walk (8”-10”), stones, small pine cones, moss, dried flowers, pods, grasses and other natural items. Charms, bits of jewelry, found items. Items from your own stash…fabric, ribbon, lace, yarn, twine, sisal, thread, beads, gemstones, buttons, silk or dried flowers, corn husks, etc.

Or — you can just let her develop organically, and choose fabrics and embellishments in an intuitive way, without making any conscious choices ahead of time. That might be the best way of all.
Remember, there will be a supply of materials to choose from to help create your. I will also supply clay faces, if you wish to add a face.

Bring your intentions, your special items and let’s create.

Think of a quality you want to bring into your life. This doll will hold that energy for you. We will create one spirit/intention doll from sticks, moss, fabric, yarn, and other embellishments. No sewing required. Bring your intentions and any materials you would like to incorporate into your doll.

Facilitator, Carol Marion

Saturday, October 4th, 10 am to noon.

Please contact the church office at or  [email protected] to sign up or for times and dates.

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