Reflecting Pool

Reflecting Pool
Lost in this Masquerade?
by Mark Gilbert, May 2020Masquerading is embraced during carnival season, complete with costuming of choice, and there’s a tendency outside of carnival for many to indulge in a masquerade of sorts with their ego.This pandemic has exposed the charade of masquerading to some degree, and opens opportunities to connect with others in a direct and personable manner, even at six feet apart.


Reality 2020

by Laurie Semprebon, May 10, 2020

What keeps me up at night is not the virus itself, although I am horrified and saddened by so many who are ill and dying, but by the political game-playing of the leadership in Washington. It seems that, almost everyday, one more thing happens to bring us further down the path of inhumanity and horror and further away from democracy and compassion.

What keeps me going are the things in my life where I find joy and inspiration:

  • The sun peaking out from behind a fluffy cloud;
  • The extra time with our daughters, who are here at home during quarantine, to talk, share, cook, play games, and to enjoy each other’s company;
  • Getting to know our daughter’s little dog Dexter, as he becomes more comfortable with us and our giant dogs Rigger and Ally;
  • Being able to share with some non-profit organizations, order pick-up meals occasionally, and feel comfortable financially, although I sometimes feel guilty that we are in such solid shape when others are not;
  • The beautiful setting of our home in a rural area with many places to roam, including the state and Yale forests, our pond and stream, and just the lovely natural area here;
  • Feeling comfortable at most places I need to go as people are respecting the social-distancing measures (at least here);
  • Appreciating the extra time at home which allows me to feel more centered and relaxed;
  • Access to joys and responsibilities outside the home (church, local town boards and commissions, and other groups) through on-line meetings or by phone without having to travel anywhere;
  • Occasional video chats with relatives with whom I had never done this before, even though all of my family is away from the East Coast;
  • Spring advancing (and retreating before advancing again) slowly, allowing for more outside time. We love our screened-in porch during the warm weather, and we have been doing a lot of local hiking;
  • Contact with family and friends through social media, although I need to disengage with that which creates more stress in my life.

There is certainly underlying stress about the future and many unknowns, but if I try to focus on what’s good and right, it helps me to deal with everything else.


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