Policy and Protocols for (a soft) Reopening (Adopted June 15, 2021)

Effective from June 15th to October 3rd, 2021  
A.    Outdoor Meetings:
  1. Wearing masks outdoors is not required.
  2. Social distancing is not required.
  3. The maximum number of attendees for any outdoor meeting or event will be 75 people including staff. (Apply to the UUS:E Policy Board to wave this requirement.)
  4. Arrangements for using outdoor spaces must be scheduled with the office administrator to avoid duplicate meetings, and to allow staff to know that any group meeting outside the building is authorized.
  5. Event leaders are still urged to ask people to register with them for events ahead of time.  
B.     Sunday services, and general meetings of the congregation: 
1. From Sunday, June 20th through Sunday, September 3rd, the Sunday Services Committee and Rev. Josh will welcome a limited number of people to attend services in person. (Sign up by calling the UUS:E office.)
2. On Sunday, September 12th, we will revert to full hybrid worship, meaning that all are welcome to attend services in person; and we will continue to offer life-streaming so members and friends can view the services at home.
3.      The Meeting Room will be ventilated with open windows. (Necessary upgrades to our ventilation system should be completed by the end of September.)
4.      Masks will be worn by all people in the service at all times with the following exceptions:
a.       Children under the age of two will not need to wear masks. Parents of unmasked toddlers are urged to do what they can to help their children practice social distancing.
b.      Pulpit speakers may remove masks when speaking.
c.       Musicians may remove masks when performing.
5.      Modified social distancing should be practiced (protocols under development as of 6/15/21)
6.      Coffee and snacks will not be available inside the building until after October 3rd.
6.      During services, singing guidelines include:
a.       No in-person group or choral singing until further notice;
b.      One or two vaccinated musicians may sing from the chancel without wearing masks if they stay at least 12 feet distance from others.
c.       Congregants may sing or hum hymns while remaining masked.
7.      Offering baskets will be placed at exits for people to make donations. Baskets will not be passed during services.
C.    Religious Education For Children and Youth:
1.      Religious Education classes will be held outdoors, except in the event of rain or excessive heat.
2.      Masks do not need to be worn while outside.
3.      Refreshments and snacks will be outdoors, and in commercially prepackaged containers.
4.      In the event of rain or excessive heat, classes may move indoors with masks and social distancing; or plans may include multi-generational services in the meeting room so children can remain with their parents.
D.    Small group adult meetings (non-church groups, committee meetings, activities, etc.):     
1.      Meetings can be held at any location in the building, with windows open.
2.      If all those attending are fully vaccinated, the group can make a decision to remove masks and relax social distancing measures.
3.      If anyone in the group feels uncomfortable with the removal of masks and the relaxation of social distancing measures, group members will remain masked and will continue to practice social distancing, until a satisfactory solution can be worked out.
E.     Concerts, speakers, advertised events that are open to the public:
If such events take place prior to October 3rd, 2021, organizers will follow the protocols listed above for Sunday services. Specific concerns beyond these protocols can be addressed by staff.  
F.     Large scale church events (Trunk or treat, Fall Festival, Auction, etc.)
If such events take place prior to October 3rd 2021, organizers will follow the protocols listed above for Sunday services. Specific concerns beyond these protocols can be addressed by staff.