Opinions on the Pace of Loosening our Covid Protocols

UUS:E Emergency Preparedness Team, Covid-19 Questionnaire Results – Part 1

147 questionnaires were returned offering different opinions of the work undertaken over the past 2 years to make people safe.  The results are still being tallied, but one conclusion based on the written responses has been identified and is ready to share – guidance on the pace we need to follow as we remove restrictions or have to tighten them if there is another surge in the future.

Of the 147 returns, 51 (35%) offered comments in the written portion about the pace of reopening in the face of ever-fluctuating risk in the number of Covid-19 cases that rise and fall.

Analysis: In the future, these respondents would likely accept changes that would be slightly less restrictive than we have made before.  But that edge is narrow, and dramatic moves to remove or impose restrictions are not indicated.  Those on either side can easily see that not everyone feels the same way that they do.

This analysis will be used as we develop future changes to our policies and protocols. 

(There are more analyses yet to be reported.  Stand by!)