October Milestones ~ This Month in Our History:

October 1969: Interim Minister-at-Large Arthur Olsen arrives to provide the “professional leadership” which the members requested at the May Annual Meeting. His first two services were: “The Positive Aspects of the UU Faith” and “Trends in Present Day Religious Liberalism.” In three months in Manchester, Rev. Olsen helped lay leaders make plans to hire a settled minister.

October 1970: The society votes to call the Rev. Arnold Westwood as the first settled minister of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Manchester, after he presents his second service in our pulpit. The meeting was conducted by president Thomas Latham. Rev. Westwood was installed the following month.

Looking forward to other 50th Anniversary commemorations, including:

  • “Turning Points,” a service highlighting important decisions that have shaped the direction and character of UUS:E. October 6.
  • “Looking Back, Looking Forward,” a legacy service. November 3.
  • Affirmation Reunion, December 1 (Thanksgiving weekend). Have you ever been an Affirmation mentor? When? And who were your mentees? Help build the contact list by emailing [email protected]
  • Purchase our sleek black 50th Anniversary tee shirts or the beautiful blue mugs, every Sunday after services in the lobby.