November Green Tip

Recycle Your E-Waste!

Electronic waste or “e-waste,” is the fastest growing portion of the American waste stream, rising at rates around 8 percent a year. When released into the environment, the chemicals that make up cell phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants,) televisions, and other electronics can cause severe harm to humans and animals, as well as long-term damage to the environment. Many towns here in Connecticut are making it easier to recycle our e-waste. For example, here in Manchester the Transfer Station on Olcott Street hosts a permanent electronics recycling program to all town residents at no charge. Authorized by the CT Department of Environmental Protection’s E-Waste Recycling regulations, this program allows us to recycle electronics during the normal business hours of the Transfer Station. Check the website for your town and find out how you can safely recycle these items. If you live in Manchester go to Here you will find a list of approved items, hours of operation, and other important information. Also, the State Department of Environmental Protection website has a lot of good information and tips: