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Contributing to the Newsletter:

  • Where to submit: [email protected] Please tell me your name and the committee, group, or organization behind the article, if any. And tell me which newsletter(s) you want it to appear in. If you do not, I’ll assume you want it to appear in the nearest following issue and continue until the date is past.
  • When to submit: no later than the 20th of the current month if you want it to appear in the following month.
  • What if I’m late? Try anyway, I may still be building the newsletter.
  • What format do I use? Almost any format is okay, but preferably one that allows me to copy the text. I rarely insert exactly what you give me because I want to standardize the format. If you use this form, I might actually paste it in as is.
  • How long can it be? Sunday Service blurbs should be no longer than 60 words. Articles in general should not exceed one page. If you want to see pretty closely how your article will fit, use this form.

Thank You for your help.

~Newsletter Editor