Rev. Joshua Mason Pawelek

Parish Minister

josh-fb-profile-8-16I am a theistic Unitarian Universalist;  an aspiring antiracist, feminist, queer ally; a liberal, suburban American minister practicing a modern version of New England’s old “congregational way;”  a loving husband and father; and a spiritual leader dedicated to transformative preaching, teaching, healing and social justice ministries. Serving as the parish minister of UUS:E has blessed my life in many ways. Most importantly, UUS:E has allowed me—and continues to allow me—to be an authentic spiritual presence and to provide excellence in ministry. I am deeply thankful.

Ordination: First Parish in Cambridge (Unitarian Universalist), Cambridge, Massachusetts, April, 1999.

Photo by Rev. Cathy Rion Starr

Photo by Rev. Cathy Rion Starr

Organizational Involvement

  • Leader, Moral Monday CT
  • Leader, Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Healthcare
  • Leader, Greater Hartford Interfaith Action  Alliance

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