Circle Groups Are Coming

Circle Groups at Unitarian Universalist Society: EastTo further our mission of maintaining a caring, connected community for Unitarian Universalist Society: East members and friends, the Pastoral Care Committee is reestablishing Circle Groups. Some of you will remember that Circle Groups were a feature of UUS:E congregational life in the 1990s. A Circle Group is a group of UUS:E members and friends who live in the same geographic region. Each group has a coordinator who will organize occasional social activities (picnics, outings, etc.) and, in certain circumstances, the members of each group may be able to offer each other hands-on support during difficult times. We understand that not everyone is able or free to participate in Circle Group activities. Participation is voluntary. In the coming weeks, your coordinator will contact you with an introduction. Some groups may convene in February. Others may wait until May after the annual appeal. We hope that the Circle Groups will create new connections between members and friends of UUS:E who live in the same geographical area.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Josh or the Pastoral Friends Chairperson, Gailynn W.