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Feeling Isolated?

Want a Buddy at UUS:E?

UUS:E’s Pastoral Friends Committee is creating a buddy system as one way to address the many forms of isolation people experience as Connecticut enters the post-pandemic era.

After more than two years of restrictions and precautions, some still may not feel ready to jump back fully into congregational life, and thus feel isolated. Some may still be vulnerable to disease due to health conditions or age, and thus feel isolated. Some may experience isolation in their lives due to factors other than the pandemic, only to have the pandemic heighten those factors. Some may be returning to congregational life, yet find that their daily patterns and needs have changed significantly, and thus feel isolated. Some may have experienced medical changes that make them more homebound (temporarily or permanently) and thus may feel isolated. The point is, isolation comes in many forms for many reasons. The dynamics of post-pandemic life have the potential to magnify them.

UUS:E’s buddy system attempts to link people for one-on-one connections and conversations. Buddies will meet on a schedule they determine (monthly, weekly, daily). They can meet on a regular basis or they can agree to meet as needed. They can meet in-person or online.

Participating in UUS:E’s buddy system is entirely voluntary. If you would like to be paired with another UUS:E member or friend for regular conversation, check-ins, friendship, etc., let us know. Contact Pastoral Friend Ann Stowe at (860) 586-8579 or [email protected].  Ann and Rev. Josh will pair you with a buddy!


Unitarian Universalist ChaliceCaring for each other in times of personal challenge or crisis is at the heart of our congregational culture and mission. In partnership with the minister, UUS:E’s Pastoral Care Committee helps us carry out this very important internal ministry. The Pastoral Care Committee ministers to UUS:E members and friends by keeping in touch through visits or phone calls, attempting to provide transportation to congregational events and medical appointments, sending notes or greeting cards, offering meals in times of illness, and providing hospitality at memorial services.

The Pastoral Care Committee is also able to recommend supportive resources within the congregation, as well as professional care and service providers in the larger community.

When you need a hand, please contact us. We are here to help, and are very willing to hear about your situation.

If you can lend a hand, please let us know. The Pastoral Care Committee is always looking for people to help out. There is always the need for volunteers. Opportunities to help include brief, one time jobs as well as more involved roles. Together we form a network of members who reach out to one another in times of need.

 If you would like to get involved with Pastoral Care at UUS:E, have questions, or just want to talk, contact Rev. Josh Pawelek at [email protected] or (860) 652-8961.

UUS:E’s Mental Health Ministry provides support and recommends resources to people who have, or have had, a mental health diagnosis in their lives, as well as people who are caring for family members and friends who have, or have had, such a diagnosis. For more information, contact Rev. Josh Pawelek at [email protected] or (860) 652-8961.