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Shared Ministry

At the Unitarian Universalist Society: East not only the minister provides ministry. UUS:E practices shared ministry. We encourage all members and friends of the congregation to participate in some aspect of ministry at UUS:E in partnership with clergy and other religious professionals.

A wonderful example of shared ministry at UUS:E is Sunday morning worship. Lay-people are encouraged and expected to lead worship (including preaching!) on a regular basis. Although our professional minister is full-time, he or she leads worship two Sundays per month. Lay-people also lead worship two Sundays per month. After decades of developing lay-worship leaders, our lay-led services are of the highest quality and speak directly and provocatively to the potentials and challenges of a liberal faith. What better opportunity for congregational members to explore their own theology and deepen their spirituality than through preparing and leading Sunday morning worship?

We also share social justice ministries, religious education ministries, caring ministries, financial stewardship ministries, administrative ministries, and our “green sanctuary” ministry to the earth. We are fulfilling our promise and reaching our vision of shared ministry when lay-people and religious professionals work together.

Parish Ministry

Rev Joshua Mason Pawelek

Committee on Ministries (currently on hiatus)

The UUS:E Committee on Ministry (COM) exists to support the minister and to serve as a vehicle of communication between the minister and the congregation. Members of the COM are elected by the Policy Board. If you ever have questions about the professional ministry at UUS:E which you would rather not discuss directly with Rev. Josh, you are encouraged to seek out a member of the COM.