Ministers Column June 2011

Dear Ones:

Once again we approach the end of a congregational year. Once again I wish to thank you, the mem­bers and friends of UUS:E, for allowing me to serve as your minister. It is a blessing to work in your midst, to hear the details of your lives, to bear witness to your joys and sorrows, to know your frustrations and aspira­tions, to join with you in struggles for social justice, to explore the contours of your spiritual lives, to preach, teach and, most importantly, to be present. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

From June 21st to June 28th I will be at the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly in Charlotte, NC. I am looking forward to seeing many old friends and colleagues. I am also pleased to be co­leading a number of workshops, including an antiracism training for new members of the UUA Board of Trus­tees.

When I return from Charlotte, I will begin my summer vacation and study leave. While I will be preaching a few times at UUS:E during the summer months, I will be effectively on leave from UUS:E during July and August. I am looking forward to a relaxing summer. I hope to complete a few long-put-off tasks around the house, as well as take a few excursions with my family. I wish you a wonderful summer and hope you find time for renewal and relaxation.


I have recently begun work on my professional goals for next year. While they are not yet fully elabo­rated, I would like to share my preliminary thoughts with you here. Please note that each of these goals is con­sistent with UUS:E’s emerging strategic plan which will be presented to the congregation at is fall meeting:

I will work with UUS:E staff and key committee chairs to begin developing UUS:E’s capacity for antirac­ist, multicultural ministry.

I will work with UUS:E leaders to begin laying the groundwork for future program staff hires, including the long-term goal of calling a second, full-time minister.

I will develop my skills in the use of electronic media to more fully support and expand UUS:E’s web-based presence and possibly future ministries.

I will work to expand opportunities for spiritual learning and growth in partnership with UUS:E’s Adult Religious Education Committee.

If you have questions about these goals, please do not hesitate to contact me. For now, have a great sum­mer!