Mindfulness and Metta: Staying Grounded in the Midst of Pandemic

Spring Wildflowers

Monday, June 15 at 10:30 AM, with Peter Oliver and Stefanie Toise

Covid-19 has profoundly affected day-to-day life as we know it. Furthermore, we now continue into an uncertain future. In this experiential, one-hour workshop led by Peter Oliver and Stefanie Toise, participants will be introduced to two interrelated concepts and practices that support wellness: Mindfulness and Metta (or loving-kindness) meditation. Mindfulness has been defined as a purposeful moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experiences not with judgment, but with an attitude of curiosity and affection. Metta is a form of meditation that expresses positive, loving energy and compassion toward self and others. No prior experience with meditation is required. Participants are encouraged to join the workshop from a quiet and peaceful setting. The workshop should last approximately 1 hour.

Peter Oliver is a member of UUSE along with his wife, Laura Dunleavy, and their son, Kyle. A devout student of yoga, meditation, and the healing arts, Peter received foundational training in mindfulness-based stress reduction at the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical Center. Peter has also been teaching full time for over 30 years as a university professor.

Dr. Stefanie C.F. Toise, a healthcare consultant for over three decades, has designed and evaluated Integrative Medicine programs both nationally and internationally. Her research and clinical work have been instrumental in establishing Integrative Medicine modalities that result in sustainable health behavioral change. Dr. Toise has been a practicing yoga therapist for over twenty years and practicing meditator for over 45 years. She comes to UUS:E through her connection with the Rev. Drew Moeller.

Registration information will be in the regular Wednesday and Saturday UUS:E eblasts. You can also contact Annie Gentile in the UUS:E office for registration information.