Silent Chapel

We’ve suspended the Meditation Chapel in Sept of 2012 in the hopes that we can reformulated it later in such a way that it will be more popular! Stay tuned for announcements.

We offer a Silent Chapel in the main Meetingroom from 7-8pm on the third Tuesday of each month. This will be a quiet open silent time for members and friends to come together and practice meditation or relaxation in community in a comfortable, safe and soothing environment.

Beginners are welcome. Bring whatever will make you comfortable, such as a cushion or a mat, or pull up one of the chairs already in the room. No need to sign up – simply come as you are able. Children are welcome if they are old enough to be able to enjoy the quiet time.

Use this is your time to relax. If the busy, hectic demands of life are pulling you in every direction, then take an hour for yourself to simply be quiet and enter into yourself. Use the time to meditate, read, write or simply enjoy the beauty of the grounds at UUS:E. This is your time to simply be at peace.


For questions, please contact Annie Gentile in the UUS:E Office at (860) 646-5151.