Mary Bopp’s Story


In February the theme for our services was resilience and by the middle of March we were all put to the test! I know that my life has been topsy-turvy.

I am so grateful to the UUS:E community and my fellow staff members. We are truly fortunate to have each other. It’s counterintuitive but it almost seems like this time of isolation has made me feel closer than ever to this congregation. Maybe the enforced distance has made me value it more and realize what I was taking for granted.

It’s been a steep learning curve for me. If you had said “zoom” to me a couple of weeks ago I would have said “what?”. Now in both my work and personal life I’m “zooming” all the time! It was so difficult and sad for me to tell my Holiday Choir “No more rehearsals-no Easter music service”. Nevertheless I’m working to make sure that our musical community at UUS:E stays strong and continues to inspire us by:

  • Creating a weekly virtual concert series called “Musical Oasis” featuring my own improvisations and favorite musical guests familiar to us at UUS:E.

  • Including homemade video recordings from our familiar UUS:E musicians and friends in the virtual Sunday service.

  • Working with Dan Thompson to create virtual musical ensembles. (thanks, Dan!). This is a work in progress but I’m hoping to see some instrumental and vocal ensembles. Maybe even a virtual choir on Easter!

Moving forward, I’m continuing to explore other possibilities. As this situation continues, I see more and more ideas to stay connected.

I am truly fortunate to be part of UUS:E. Thanks to you all.

Mary Bopp, Music Director