March Minister’s Column

Dear Ones:

Our ministry theme for March is renewing faith, a very appropriate theme for the month in which we conduct our Annual Appeal. Though the omicron wave is receding, we remain cautious, and will be conducting our appeal similarly to last year. Everyone will receive a small packet in the mail with the annual appeal materials. As always, we ask you to consider the value UUS:E holds in your life and your family’s life. Related to our monthly ministry theme, how does your connection to UUS:E inspire faithfulness in you? In what do you have faith? What is your solid ground, your rock? What is ultimately reliable in your life and how does UUS:E help you pay attention to it? I encourage you to share your answers to these questions with me directly at [email protected] or 860-652-8961. I am always interested to hear from you. (Of course, anything you share may end up in a sermon on Sunday morning!!!)

And as always, we ask that you return your pledge form in as timely a manner as possible so the Stewardship Committee can do its work on behalf of the congregation.

The Policy Board’s goals for this year’s appeal are modest. As always, we continue to insure that we compensate our staff in accordance with the UUA’s guidance for our geographic area. Throughout the pandemic our staff has been nothing short of amazing. They have adapted and pivoted in response to changing circumstances. They have been flexible, nimble, patient and compassionate. They have been willing to learn new skills, new ways of working and, more fundamentally, new ways of being. I am truly grateful for them. I hope and trust you are grateful as well. Please take a moment to check out the videos the staff have prepared for the annual appeal. Watch our regular eblasts for links.

Beyond our personnel goals, we are urging a modest increase in our giving so that we can continue to support vibrant programming, such as our March 20 “Creating a Culture of Inclusion” workshop with Paula Cole Jones; or a specialized workshop on trauma later this spring with CB Beal; or re-starting our in-person UUS:E concert series, including a special performance of the New World Trio in early April and a Meeting House concert later this spring at our goods and services auction. There’s so much more to talk about—pastoral care, social justice and anti-oppression work, sustainable living, building relationships in the wider community, growing in our diversity, fulfilling the promise of our faith.

Once again, I encourage you to reach out to me if you want to talk about the value UUS:E holds in your life and how it informs your sense of faith. Thank you for your continued commitment to UUS:E and your generosity toward this year’s annual appeal. We can’t do what we do without you!!

Rev. Joshua Pawelek

With love,

Rev. Josh