March Green Tip

Sometimes there is confusion about the “single-stream recycling” now in use in Manchester and many other towns in mid-Connecticut.  We are served by the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (  Because we are now able to recycle SO much more than prior years, people often have the notion that they can throw any and all plastic into the barrel.  Not so! Only those plastic containers with the  symbol containing the numbers 1 through 7 are accepted.  If it is plastic with no number (for example, plastic spoons, old Tupperware, etc.) it is not allowed.  Also, they ask that you remove caps and rinse the containers.  You don’t have to trash the caps, by the way.  You can save them in a sepa­rate bag and take them to Aveda (read more at .) Flat lids with numbers can be recycled in the bins.

Two things never allowed: plastic bags and Styrofoam — even if it has a recycling number (to fool and confuse us, I suppose.)  Shredded paper should be bagged, but only in a paper bag.  All other paper and cardboard can be thrown in loose. (Many supermarkets accept plastic bags for recycling, usually in the front entrance.) Please be diligent so as not to contaminate the collections.  

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