“Love is the Power That Holds Us Together” — UUS:E Virtual Worship, February 12, 2023

Gathering Music (Dorothy Bognar)

Welcome and Announcements


“Know Only That You are Loved”
By Rev. Gretchen Haley


“If We Only Have Love”
By Jacques Brel, lyrics by Mort Shuman & Eric Blau
Performed by Dorothy Bognar, piano
and the UUS:E Singers

Chalice Lighting & Opening Words

“Out of a Great Need”

Opening Hymn

“There Is More Love”
#95 in Singing the Living Tradition
Words and music: African American Hymn
Performed by Dorothy Bognar

There is more love somewhere
There is more love somewhere
I’m gonna keep on til I find it
There is more love somewhere

There is more hope somewhere …
There is more peace somewhere …
There is more joy somewhere …


From “Where Do We Go From Here – Chaos or Community?”
By Martin Luther King, Jr.

Musical Response (Dorothy Bognar)

Joys and Concerns


Continuing our practice of sharing our gifts with the community beyond our walls, fifty percent of our Sunday plate collections for the month of February will go to Manchester’s African American and Black Affairs Council (AABAC).  AABAC is a community-based organization whose mission is to uphold all aspects of the lived experiences of Black people through advocacy, education, and community endeavors. AABAC strives to eliminate injustices experienced by Black people in Manchester, CT, through engagement with Manchester residents, community partners and allies.

Offertory Music

“Love is a Healing Power”
Velal Rose’s Pagan Songbook (source unknown)
Performed by the UUS:E Singers

Reading:  From a sermon by the Rev. Darcey Laine

Musical Response (Dorothy Bognar)


“Love is the Power That Holds Us Together”
by Vivian Carlson

Closing Hymn

“Though I May Speak with Bravest Fire”
#34 in Singing the Living Tradition
Words: Hal Hopson. Music: Trad. Melody Adapt. by Hal Hopson
Performed by Dorothy Bognar

Though I may speak with bravest fire
And have the gift to all inspire
And have not love, my words are vain
As sounding brass, and hopeless gain.

Though I may give all I possess,
and striving so my love profess,
but not be given by love within,
the profit soon turns strangely thin.

Come, Spirit, come, our hearts control,
Our spirits long to be made whole.
Let inward love guide every deed,
by this we worship, and are freed. 

Extinguishing the Chalice and Closing Words

“A Lifelong Sharing”
#562 in Singing the Living Tradition
by Mother Teresa

Closing Circle

May faith in the spirit of life
And hope for the community of earth
And love of the light in each other
Be ours now, and in all the days to come.