Litha / Midsummer Ritual

Sunflower Field

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Litha / Midsummer Ritual

Sunday June 21st, 6 PM via Zoom
All are Welcome!

As our lives take on unusual changes, please join us as we adapt and celebrate Litha, or Midsummer, via Zoom.  Our host will begin by casting a circle at her own altar and include in her circle all who wish to join the celebration as the Wheel of the Year turns.  We will have a little history, a ritual to bring us closer, hopefully, some songs as well as perhaps a chance to reflect on how we have grown, along with the young god, in these very different times.

Please plan on having a small snack and drink of some kind on hand so we can all share in cakes and ale.

To join our Zoom Meeting please contact the Unitarian Universalist Society: East office for the Zoom link @ 860-646-5151 or at [email protected]