June Green Tip

When flying is the only reasonable option for visiting dear ones living thousands of miles from here, it’s only natural to feel a bit guilty about all that car­bon being spewed into the atmosphere.  (Nothing can spike your carbon footprint like air travel!) So, why not buy a “TerraPass?”  This is a “carbon offset,” which doesn’t do anything to remove the carbon diox­ide released from the plane, but it does two things:

(1) It makes you feel better and (2) The money goes to clean-energy funding and conservation projects. It does have its critics, mostly stating that it’s just a means to assuage your guilt, but the reviews are gen­erally good, and I for one am all in favor of investing in more clean energy.  TerraPass has partnered with Expedia, so if you book a flight with them you will be given the option to buy a certificate.  The co-marketed Flight TerraPass comes at three purchase levels: 1,000 lbs of CO2 for $5.99; 2,500 lbs of CO2 for $16.99; and 5,000 lbs of CO2 for $29.99, enough to balance about 2,200 miles; 6,500 miles; and 13,000 miles of flying, respectively. You can also buy certificates di­rectly at www.terrapass.com and there is lots more information on the website as well.