Imbolc Ritual

Invitation to Imbolc
Sunday, January 24th, 6pm

in Zoom (Watch UUS:E Eblast for login info)
Leader: Sudha Sevin

At Imbolc we celebrate the burgeoning of the Light. Imbolc is a Celtic celebration of the Divine Feminine, of hearth and home. Translated as “first milk,” Imbolc is the time when the first calves are born and dairy reenters the diet. This will be a family-friendly virtual event and will include a storytelling. Children may choose to leave after the story (or whenever is needed).

Consider celebrating with a slice of cheesecake or hot cocoa with whip cream (or another dairy treat) or just warm milk with cinnamon and nutmeg that you can sip and nibble during the storytelling.

If you have a fireplace, this is an ideal time to have a fire going during our sharing, as Imbolc celebrates hearth and home.

You may choose to dress or decorate the home in the Imbolc colors: red and white. Or sometimes green attire is used to depict the goddess Brighid’s mantle, which she covers the earth with, re-greening it with new life.

Imbolc is also an ideal time to bless candles, so gather your candle supplies and have at least one taper or pillar candle on hand per person and something to use to gently carve into it (small knife, pin, or even a straightened paper clip end will work).

We are looking forward to sharing this evening of emerging light with you all.

Love and Petals,
Sudha, Odin, and Dennis