“Hózhó: The Way of Beauty” — UUS:E Virtual Worship, May 15, 2022

Gathering Music (Mary Bopp)




Prelude (Music by Mary Bopp / Paintings by Nancy Madar)

Chalice Lighting

“Earth and All”
by Rev. Dr. David Breeden

We join together,
bringing both our
shadow and our light.
We join together, 
opening our minds
and our hearts.
We join together, 
the beauty of each,
the beauty of self,
the beauty of the earth,
the beauty of all.

Introduction to the Service

Opening Words 

#682 An adaptation of The Beauty Way prayer of the Diné

Beauty is before me, and
Beauty behind me,
Above me and below me
hovers the beautiful.
I am surrounded by it,
I am immersed in it.
In my youth, I am aware of it,
and in old age,
I shall walk quietly the beautiful trail.
In beauty it is begun.
In beauty, it is ended.

Opening Hymn

#182 O, the Beauty in a Life
Based on text by Bishop Toribio Quimada
Traditional Filipino folk tune

O, the beauty in a life that illumines honor anew,
That models wise and gracious ways to every seeker;
That every day shall serve in joy and do the right.
O, praise the life whose beauty shows a justice true.

Let not service of the good be confined to great saints alone,
But every hour be part of all our daily living.
Set not the hope of wisdom’s grace beyond our ken,
How wide the path, how close the goal, which love has shown.

O, the beauty of a life that illumines care of the soul,
That knows a love that is for self as well as others,
That every day embodies praise for every good,
This is the faith to which we term, our God and goal.

On “Beauty and the Soul” by Piero Ferrucci (Stacey Musulin)

Musical Interlude (Mary Bopp)

Joys and Concerns

Musical Response (Mary Bopp)


The recipients of our May community outreach offering are MARC, Inc. and MARCH, Inc.
MARC, Inc. provides advocacy, employment, residential, respite and retirement services to
individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. MARCH, Inc. provides residential
programs and supportive living programs to people with intellectual and other developmental

Offertory Music

“What a Wonderful World”
by Bob Thiele & George David Weiss
Sung by Michelle Spadaccini

On Poetry (Marsha Howland)

Reflections on My Creative Journey (Nancy Madar)

Closing Hymn

#326 “Let All the Beauty We Have Known”
Words by Dana McLean Greeley
Music adapted by Ralph Vaughan Williams

Let all the beauty we have known illuminate our hearts and minds
Rejoice in wonders daily shown, in faith and joy, and love that binds.

We celebrate with singing hearts the loveliness of sky and earth,
the inspiration of the arts, the miracle of ev’ry birth.

Life’s music and its poetry surround and bless us through our days.
for these we sing in harmony, together giving thanks and praise. 

Closing Prayer

“The Beauty Woven Fine”
by Rev. Scott Tayler

As we celebrate life’s beauty
may we never forget that we are part of it.
It is woven around us,
through us,
between us.
We are here to notice those elegant strands – 
The way they call to us,
The way they hold us,
The way they connect us.
May our time together today
enable that beauty to shine. 

Extinguishing the Chalice

Closing Words

May faith in the spirit of life
And hope for the community of earth
And love of the light in each other
Be ours now, and in all the days to come.

Postlude (Mary Bopp)