Green Tip June 2013

This tip is for you if you are feeling like you throw out most of the mail you receive.  If you want to reduce or eliminate certain mail, you can contact The Mail Preference Service (MPS), a consumer service sponsored by The Direct Marketing Association (DMA).  You register to have your name put on a list, avail­able to advertisers, to not receive advertising mail. The list does not stop mail you already receive from a com­pany you do business with and from charitable or commercial organizations who choose not to use MPS.  A written request should say “activate the preference service” and include name, address and signature and be mailed to DMA Mail Preference Service, Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512-0643. You will still need to contact many organizations individually to tell them to stop sending mail and also not to rent your name. To keep the rental of your name from happening in the first place when ordering on line or making a donation, write on the order form or check, “do not rent my name to other companies or organizations”.  Another useful place to try is catalog This site lets you choose the businesses and catalogs you do not wish to receive. Other opt out choices can be found with a simple on-line search for stopping junk mail.