Green Tip – February 2012

Heard about GMOs? That’s the acronym for “genetically modified organisms.” You may have heard about fish genes in tomatoes? Well it’s worse than that. Many foods that you eat on a daily basis have been forcibly altered with genetic material from other species including pesticides, bacteria, proteins, hormones, etc. What’s worse, we are the guinea pigs in this vast untested experiment.

Folks, this is pretty scary stuff. To learn how and why you and everyone should stop eating GMOs, check out this website:

Unless it is Organic or says NO GMOs, any food containing corn, soy, cotton seed or canola oil, is probably made with GMOs. Many other foods are waiting in the wings to be released. We should have The Right to Know! but for now the FDA and Monsanto refuse to label GMO foods.

It’s time  for a consumer revolt!