2021/22 Annual Appeal

Giving Heals the Soul

At Unitarian Universalist Society: East we share many ideals and passions. We support one another in our common pursuit of making the world a better place. We draw strength from one another and welcome newcomers to join with us to enrich our community. It is through the generosity of members and friends that we are able to continue to build our beloved community, seeking justice and compassion in a complex world. We hope you will support the 2021-22 Annual Appeal as generously as you can.

Message from our Minister, Rev. Joshua Pawelek and Gina Campellone, Director of Religious Education.

Our Accomplishments in 2020/21

  • We moved to virtual services in March 2020 as the pandemic forced closures of churches and other gathering places. This necessitated purchasing new hardware and software and training several people to conduct Sunday services. By all accounts, we did well.
  • We successfully adapted our Religious Education program for children and youth to online formats.
  • Our 2020 Annual Appeal was interrupted just as it got underway last year, but we adapted and had a successful fund drive.
  • We applied for and received a CARES Act loan to sustain our staff and provide a small salary bump (one time) in lieu of a COLA. We have applied for it to be forgiven (thank you Finance Committee).
  • We have produced several music programs that ‘aired’ virtually (thank you Mary and others).
  • Our Board and committee meetings have continued virtually, and we have successfully carried on the ‘business’ of producing meaningful Sunday services, keeping in touch with members and friends, managing our finances, keeping the building and grounds clean and safe (thank you Jane and others), and supported our employees throughout the year.

Policy Board Goals for 2021/22

  • Staff salary and benefit increase to meet the UUA guidelines The UUA provides guidelines for salaries/benefits to help guide congregations in providing adequate compensation for congregational staff (Salary Recommendations for Congregational Staff). We have been unable to provide raises to the staff since 2019 so we fell behind these guidelines and would like a strong push in next year’s budget to make up ground. The Personnel Committee recommended a COLA, paying for staff’s long-term disability insurance in accordance with UUA guidelines given the new employee deduction for the state’s family medical leave act and likely higher health insurance premiums as we attempt to ensure that we support our awesome staff.
  • Membership Coordinator Another goal is to fund a part-time membership coordinator that the congregation approved two years ago. We feel this is a long-term investment necessary to help us increase diversity and our overall membership.
  • Building Initiatives The Buildings & Grounds Committee is exploring building improvements that will be useful and may be required to successfully re-open. Projects include examining the buildings’ air quality system, improving ventilation, looking at touchless features throughout the building, and sanitizing stations.
  • Building Security This is an ongoing initiative that our emergency management team has been looking at for the last few years. With threats against churches and gun violence, we have a variety of physical measures we can take to make our congregation and staff more secure.
  • Communication The pandemic has taken us into the virtual worship world, and we recognize that there is no going back. We anticipate entering into a hybrid worship model after we re-open. This will require continued investment in equipment and skills to run the virtual side of our Sunday services.

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A Messages from Our Staff

Gina Campellone, Director of Religious Education

Mary Bopp, Director of Music (click image to view)

Jane Osborn, Building Manager/Sexton

Annie Gentile, Office Administrator

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The Stewardship Committee – Adam Bender, Louisa Graver, Larry Lunden, Stan McMillen, Phil Sawyer