Legacy Giving Vision

Imagine for a moment if Unitarian Universalist Society: East (UUS:E) had the funds to subsidize activities like the ones listed below:

  • Sending a mission team (including our older youth) to a natural disaster area to help with the recovery
  • Sending members to participate in a social justice event or a conference on important issues like systemic social privilege (racial, gender, etc.)
  • Minimizing special funding campaigns (e.g. Memorial Garden) by using the income stream a larger endowment fund can provide
  • Building and maintaining congregate housing where members can have their own separate apartments and have shared meals and meetings spaces with friends and associates from church.

Larry Luden


“Since my family scattered to the four winds, church has been my mainstay. It has given me a place where I know I am accepted and loved. I want this house of acceptance to continue into the future, to continue to welcome all who come to our doors. I know I will be here for only a while, and I want to support it after I can no longer make my annual contribution. The endowment allows me to continue my support forever.”

~ Larry Lunden

Donna & Sandi“Until the Endowment Committee provided the information, we had only a vague idea about how to ensure that our beloved Unitarian Universalist Society: East community would be part of our estate planning. Formalizing the changes in our will has given us peace of mind. Our intentions toward what has been our spiritual home since the early ’90s are now official. And most importantly, we feel a sense of helping sustain UUS:E for future generations.”

~Donna Johnson and Sande Hartdagen

If you are interested in having a Legacy Giving conversation, please contact Unitarian Universalist Society: East office at [email protected] or 860.646.5151

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